SEPTEMBER 20-21, 2019


Media sensation, motivational speaker, producer and social entrepreneur Shane Feldman is on a mission to inspire leadership and transform community culture through meaningful connection – in spite of the fact that his earliest memories are riddled with disconnection.  As a child of divorce Shane was constantly moving around, lacked consistent male role models, experienced relentless bullying, and felt socially isolated.  After moving to a new city and being rejected by his first choice high school, at the start of freshman year it felt like the world was testing Shane.  He entered 9th grade desperately hoping for a great new experience and instead he felt lost and invisible.  With the help of a very committed guidance counselor, Shane became active in clubs, theater and volunteer groups.

Getting involved turned Shane’s life around, and led him to start a school project that went viral, and has since evolved into the largest youth-led organization in the world.  Born out of Shane’s challenging transition into high school, Count Me In is an entirely student-led charity and global brand that inspires young people to be positive change agents in their community.  With Shane at the helm, Count Me In has impacted more than 10-million young people through speaking tours, educational programs and major broadcasts which have aired in over 100 countries.

Shane is now a youth advocate, motivational speaker and social entrepreneur, and loves any opportunity to energize students who feel lost or disenfranchised just as he once did.  As a global youth empowerment expert, Shane travels the world sharing his story, inspiring corporate and educational audiences to create a culture of connection, and helping students discover their value and potential.  Shane has appeared on national media, been recognized by The United Nations Youth Assembly and the President’s volunteer initiative, and has been listed on Youth in Motions’s Top 20 under 20 list.

Customer Testimonials

"SNAAZ membership allows access to attend conferences, meet school nutrition associates, share ideas, and learn new industry concepts."

Mary Venable

Paradise Valley Schools

"I have been involved in the School Nutrition Association and SNAAZ for over 20 years. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without the help and support of SNAAZ. SNA provided me with scholarship opportunities that helped me to finish my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. "

Michael Clark

Crane School District

"I appreciate the members of SNAAZ. They are always helpful and we can always count on their feedback and direction. We love getting new members involved and recommend everyone should be a part of SNAAZ and join their local chapter to get hands on experience and network with other professionals."

Corenda Lewis

Westside Chapter President

"My membership has afforded me the ability to stay up with the proposed regulations happening in congress that affect the school nutrition industry. And with the help of other state members, I have had the chance to help reorganize a chapter that has been disabled for 20+ years."

Stephen Protz

Tucson Unified School District

"SNAAZ gives me the opportunity to connect with many different Child Nutrition professionals throughout the state, helping me to grow professionally. "

Ronald Beck

Litchfield Schools

“ SNAAZ provides countless opportunities to grow professionally and network with amazing leaders in school nutrition. With every conference and meeting, I can always count on learning something new and valuable to take back to our schools. I highly recommend becoming a member of SNAAZ to anyone working in child nutrition!”

Brienne Berg

Creighton Schools

"My membership with SNAAZ has been extremely beneficial in networking and collaborating with peers to determine best practices for our nutrition programs. They offer plenty of opportunities to learn more, grow professionally, as well become a leader in the industry."

Jasmine Swier

Laveen School District

"I have been a SNAAZ member for 5 years now.  The conferences are great opportunities for new menu ideas and ways to increase student meal participation.  I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and networking with school nutrition professionals from other districts and across the whole state of Arizona. One significant opportunity that SNAAZ provided me, was by offering the SNS test at the State Conference."

Natalie Tenney

Gilbert Schools

“When I first got into the school nutrition, it was recommended to join SNAAZ. I am so glad I did. I have met some of my best friends through SNAAZ. When I became a director I was so fortunate to have a group of fantastic directors mentor me and help me get through my first year as a new director.”

Shannon Gleave

Glendale Schools

“I have been a member for 18 years and have been able to go to several State and National Conferences. I have been touched by many speakers. I have to say I have enjoyed every class I have taken and am so thankful that I have had this opportunity to learn more about my profession.”

April Smith

Yuma School District

“I’ve been with my district for over 31 years and have been a SNAAZ member most of that time. Over the years I have learned so much from Professional Growth, SNIC and the Annual State Conferences. The sessions offered at the conferences are always informative to help everyone keep up with the “latest and greatest” info and news when it comes to Child Nutrition.  And networking with our peers is always the best.  Thank you SNAAZ for all you do!”

Sandy Rogers

Paradise Valley School District

“Working with the School Nutrition Association of Arizona in partnership with my role at the Dairy Council of Arizona, is vital to meeting my goals and objectives. Through the years, SNAAZ has been a vocal champion of our focus on expanding school breakfast and summer food, providing equipment grants and supporting wellness policy activation with our flagship program, Fuel Up to Play 60.  I firmly believe we have had so much success with our outreach and impact to Arizona schools due to the direct partnership and support of SNAAZ with Dairy Council of Arizona.”

Pat Johnson

Arizona Dairy Council